Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today's serving of sexism is provided by...

Some hack researchers who managed to get an interview in the New York Times. Is the female orgasm a myth? A figment of some creative women's imagination? A vestigial function that has yet to be explained by scientific research? Why are people still asking these questions? And, is the oft-whispered about, but fleetingly experienced female orgasm facing extinction? "Perhaps the reason orgasm is so erratic is that it's phasing out," Dr. Hrdy said. "Our descendants on the starships may well wonder what all the fuss was about." Western culture is suffused with images of women's sexuality, of women in the throes of orgasm during intercourse and seeming to reach heights of pleasure that are rare, if not impossible, for most women in everyday life. What are they smoking at the NYT today? "Critic Takes on the Logic of Female Orgasm"


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